Overview of Adeptist Services

We are well connected with many partners especially in Southern California to solve your optical system problems. Our focus is on optical and photonic systems that involved LED, Laser, and imaging optics including electro-mechanical systems. We primarily utilized Zemax/Optic Studio, Python, MATLAB and SOLIDWORKS; however, we can obtain access to other tools like FRED, CODE V, and other photonic and stray light tools as required for specific projects either directly or through partners. We do not provide images of all our designs because most are owned by our customers, so the best thing to do is provide details of your project and we can provide a proposal or lead you in the right direction.

  • AR/VS/Mixed Reality
  • Energy Industry
  • Medical Device
  • Ophthalmic
  • Photonic
  • Aerospace
  • Capital Equipment for Electronics/Semiconductor
  • Capital Equipment for Display
  • Electronics/Semiconductor/Display
  • Construction
  • Instruments and Sensing
  • Biological/Cell Characterization
  • Laser/LED Beam Shaping
  • Imaging Systems
  • Scan Lens Design
  • Radiometric Modeling
  • Radiometric Measurements/Design
  • Spectroscopic Instruments
  • Microscopes/Telescopes
  • Retina/Eye Imaging
  • OCT Modeling
  • Diode/DPSS Specification/Characterization
  • Ultrafast Laser Systems/Optics
  • Laser Damage Testing
  • Innovation
  • Technology Development
  • Requirements Definition
  • System Engineering
  • Requirements Flow-Down
  • System Architecture
  • Detailed Design
  • Optical/Lens Design
  • GSE/Fixture Design
  • Production Alignment
  • Optical Trouble Shooting
  • Root Cause Analysis
Mission Statement Core Values Why Choose Us
We provide value by taking base components and creating something of greater value that provide a benefit to individuals and society for project where others cannot. We pursue projects that challenge us, provide benefit to ourselves and society, and generate profit and/or strategic benefit. We value and respect customers, partners, employees, and suppliers as individuals, and we help them achieve their goals and improve themselves while applying tactful candor and employing values based leadership. We focus on projects that are challenging Choose us because we will let you know the risks, and then help you overcome them. Learn from others including their successes and mistakes. If you value your time as well as your partners, then we are likely a good fit. We have some strong expertise and problem solving skills, but if we think there are better partners, we will let you know.

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Contact us to help us determine if we are a match for your instrument, optical system, technology development, problem solving, or product, or if we know someone that is available with that expertise.