We have a several ways we can bill a project, and that depends on the level of detail that can be provided in the SOW. There are benefits to each method. One of the key contributions that Adeptist provides is choosing a good architecture, and being very good at leveraging skills of our team and partners. So, what might be a difficult optical, opto-mechanical or laser project for even an experienced internal person could have been solved by us previously, and that portion of the design will be much quicker. For other tasks, your internal team might be more efficient. So, we carefully look at the partitioning.

Our standard tools for design are OpticStudio/Zemax, OSLO, Solidworks, Python, and a couple proprietary software packages. For larger projects, we have obtained Code V, TracePro, FRED, and other CAD and simulation packages; however, we need to balance their added cost against the efficiency we obtain.

Fixed Cost Cost Plus Hybrid
Fixed cost contracts give the customer a firm knowledge of the cost, when there is enough detail on the requirements. The customer has more certainty but less flexibility as changes to the scope require a re-costing, and Adeptist is accepting more risk. Cost Plus involves an hourly rate for the time plus the costs for any purchases for parts, equipment or tooling. This fee structure makes sense for trouble shooting, business consulting, brain storming, as well as development where you do not have a clearly defined scope of work and deliverables. This option gives the most flexibility; however, we will still work with you to obtain a SOW and schedule A hybrid approach can mean that we charge a lower hourly or fixed rate cost, but then we own the rights to the design and you must then go through us for the hardware. This makes sense when your company does not plan on fabricating hardware and does not have significant procurement expertise in optics. We have many partners in Southern California, Rochester and other parts of the US.

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