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Start with a Good Path

We can help you make the right initial with your optical system design to put you on the path towards success, and we can help you better partition your efforts correctly between optics, mechanics, electronics, software, and better algorithm development. There are usually several ways to achieve good results that depend on your specific objectives, resources, and skills. However, there are many paths that are not suitable. We can help you choose a good route. Many times you do not need a fully custom lens system designed from scratch, and that can save you significant time and money. However, in other cases due to size, volume, cost or other constraints you need a fully customized design. Determining the correct path and making course corrections quickly are key to your product development

Minor Refinements Can make a Big Impact!

If your project is stuck, then an outside expert can significantly help you get on the correct path. Sometimes it will make sense to bring us on for the rest of the project, while in other cases you just need a minor course correction. This is best done at the start, but we have expertise in trouble shooting your designs and production processes. Many times the solution is obvious once you know the answer; however, you should expect to make concerted effort to get results.

Technology Development

Explore & Define Architecture -- Reduce Technical Risks -- Define Technical Roadmap

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Optical System Design

Requirements Exploration & Definition -- Optical/Lens Design -- Alignment Process & Test Fixtures

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Detailed Lens Design

Optical/Lens Design -- Component & Coating Specification -- Laser/Light Source desgin & Specification.

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