Industries Served, Technologies Utilized, and Project Phases Completed.

At Adeptist, we have applied laser, optical and photonics in many applications for many industries through all project and product phases. We utilize our breadth to find the correct solution options, and we have the ability to dig deep into the details for many of these industries and technologies. However, sometimes, there are better choices for a specific solution, and we are well connected with many partners especially in Southern California to solve your optical system problems.

  • AR/VS/Mixed Reality
  • Energy Industry
  • Medical Device
  • Ophthalmic
  • Photonic
  • Aerospace
  • Capital Equipment for Electronics/Semiconductor
  • Capital Equipment for Display
  • Electronics/Semiconductor/Display
  • Construction
  • Instruments and Sensing
  • Biological/Cell Characterization
  • Laser/LED Beam Shaping
  • Imaging Systems
  • Scan Lens Design
  • Radiometric Modeling
  • Radiometric Measurements/Design
  • Spectroscopic Instruments
  • Microscopes/Telescopes
  • Retina/Eye Imaging
  • OCT Modeling
  • Diode/DPSS Specification/Characterization
  • Ultrafast Laser Systems/Optics
  • Laser Damage Testing
  • Innovation
  • Technology Development
  • Requirements Definition
  • System Engineering
  • Requirements Flow-Down
  • System Architecture
  • Detailed Design
  • Optical/Lens Design
  • GSE/Fixture Design
  • Production Alignment
  • Optical Trouble Shooting
  • Root Cause Analysis

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